Welcome to our website. Within this site you will find content relevant to many legal topics and trends regarding compensation, relevant to the UK modern market today.

The content is designed to give you a basic overview of each topic, whether you are considering legal action towards a claim or are interested in trends in the current legal market. You will find factual, up to date, relevant information, with no bias.

The topics on this site cover:

  • Accidents at work and your legal protection – Find out what constitutes a work accident, what your responsibilities are as an employee and what you should expect from your employer.
  • Road traffic compensation – How to engage a solicitor and ensure you receive adequate compensation.
  • Medical malpractice – What is medical malpractice and when to know if you might have a claim against your doctor or medical professional.
  • Casinos – Legality within the UK, and examples of overseas countries which much tighter restrictions than in the UK.
  • No win no fee – Is it too good to be true? What this service means for the public who are concerned about the potential high cost of legal fees.
  • British Justice system – A brief historical overview. Details of which organisations form this justice system and what a justice system means for us.
  • Whiplash compensation – What is this injury and how is it caused? Why compensation may be needed and further information about actioning a claim.
  • Legal trends in the UK – A look at compensation in the UK, how to claim and what the government is doing about concerns over the ‘ambulance chaser’ mentality.