Casinos in the UK, US and the Law

Casinos in the UK

Casinos in the UK, US and the LawThe UK saw a growth in the popularity of gambling during World War II. Since then, this particular form of entertainment has proved more and more successful, with the Gambling Act of 2005 as a turning point for a modern set of rules. Whether you are visiting a bricks and mortar casino or taking up an online casino bonus from the comfort of your home, you will experience some of the most open and clearly defined laws in the world.

The Act preceded the 2011 and 2013 UK launch of its first super casinos – mirrored on the famous Las Vegas style venues. For land-based (ie., not online) casinos, the types of gambling and machines they offer are dependent on the casino size. The Act also established bettors’ age limits for participating in gambling activities.

Who Regulates Gambling in the UK?

The Gambling Commission is the body governing the UK casino market – they are responsible for ensuring fair conduct, and prosecuting illegal activity.

Casinos in the US

Throughout the US, gambling laws vary from state to state. The most famous place where gambling is regulated is Las Vegas, Nevada, where betting was legalised in 1931. Controlled by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board, Las Vegas offers every type of casino experience, in a myriad of establishments, 24 hours a day.

Gambling Throughout the World

Although many countries have liberal laws, there is also strict prohibition in many countries across the globe. For many, such laws are founded in the religious context of the country, with these activities being regarded as a vice or sin.

Some Examples of Restrictions Worldwide

  • Bhutan only allows authorised lotteries. Even small gambling law infringements are met with a minimum 1 month prison sentence.
  • The Taliban government in Afghanistan outlawed gambling along with many other forms of entertainment when it took control of the country. Even though the government is no longer in power, the legislation still stands.
  • Depending on the sum illegally won by betting, Vietnam’s laws are strict – you could be sentenced from three to seven years in prison.

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