Claiming Compensation After a Road Traffic Accident

Claiming Compensation After a Road Traffic AccidentIf you have suffered an accident on the road, you may feel you are entitled to compensation. There are a few steps to consider before embarking on a claim to ensure you get the best result.

Legal action can be costly, and for minor injuries it may not be worth the costs. You could consider writing a letter of complaint to the other party, include your point of view, injuries sustained and the amount of compensation you are looking to receive.

If you are not comfortable with this direct approach then consider a mediation service who can bridge this gap – they do charge a fee but its likely to be much lower and faster than a solicitor and court.

Call Your Insurance

Many insurance policies now include legal cover as standard – it is worth confirming if you have any cover before deciding which route to take to make a compensation claim.

Check all policies you hold – not just your motor cover – as many of those of the home type may also have a legal cover aspect. Roadside assistance companies may also include this.

Using a Claims Company

After an accident you may find yourself receiving phone calls from these companies. They can be a useful intermediary and help you find a relevant solicitor, if you are unsure how to find one yourself. It is worth remembering that these companies usually won’t be the one representing you in court.

Ensure that ‘no win no fee’ deals are clearly explained. In most cases you may still liable for the solicitor’s fees, court fees and travel expenses.

The solicitor, who is employed by the claim company may also charge a fee for winning the case.

Using a Solicitor

Finally, you can choose to employ a solicitor yourself. Be sure to find one who specialises in your type of case. Legal aid is not usually available for personal injury cases, so be wary of mounting costs. Your solicitor should advise a thorough breakdown of costs before you proceed.

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