Legal Protection for Accidents at Work

Legal Protection for Accidents at WorkAs an employee, you are protected with certain rights when it comes to your health and safety at work. This includes responsibilities to report particular types of accidents, to pay an employee sick leave in the event of them being unable to work, and allow reasonable time off if you have suffered an accident at work.

Reporting a Work Accident

Diseases, dangerous incidents and work related accidents which are considered serious must be reported by your employer to the relevant authority. A non-exhaustive list of such issues includes

  • Broken limbs or ribs;
  • Death;
  • Scaffold or ladder collapse.

If you have been involved in an accident, it is recommended that you confirm your employer has reported it, as you may need this report to support any legal proceedings.

Am I Responsible for My Health and Safety at Work?

Your employer has a duty of care to its staff – this includes the need for suitable risk assessments, for all jobs – from desk-based to manual work. There must also be a provision for first aiders and suitable potentially required equipment.

Recording Accidents or Incidents

Your employer must have and use an accident book and record all injuries, no matter how minor. If you suffer an accident it is useful to ensure this book is filled in, as it may be required as proof should a further issue or legal claim arise from your accident.

Accident Checklist

  • Ask to see the record of the incident in the accident book;
  • Ask for proof that serious incidents have been reported to the authority;
  • Check any sick pay offered is in line with your contract;
  • Contact a solicitor if you cannot resolve an issue directly with your employer.

Returning to Work

If an accident has affected your ability to complete your previous job, your employer may have a legal requirement to offer changes to your contracted duties to account for this.

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